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April 20th 2004 : 16:07
The brand new website for TorrentWave is now online. For now, only the project page link is active however the site should be soon completely operational.
TorrentWave is a new open source project aimed at improving the quality of the BitTorrent file sharing system : learn more about it in the "About TorrentWave" section of this page.


The TorrentWave project
TorrentWave is a three-part BitTorrent tracking system. At the core is the main backend, TorrentWave, which consolidates data from multiple independent trackers into a databased resource accessible by autonomous frontend applications. It also provides a network API for the frontends to allow for administration of tracker resources.

The second part is the tracker. TorrentWave has a built from scratch tracker to allow for the data serialization, transport, and administration that is at the core of the system. Trackers connected through the same TorrentWave server form a Wave Network that allows the trackers to share global information such as Wave Points, which provide a source of control for limiting leeching of torrents on Wave trackers.  Each tracker is designed specifically for speed and scalability, two points where many popular trackers fail.  The tracker and TorrentWave server share the same modular base code allowing for rapid concurrent development.

The third part is the frontend. This can be anything from a Perl CGI, to a PHP script, to an IRC bot. The frontend has direct access to the database maintained by TorrentWave, as well as access to the network API for administration.